Donations By Mail:

Please make your check payable to “In Sam’s Name Fund” and mail it to the following address.

In Sam’s Name Fund
Triangle Community Foundation
324 Blackwell St.
Suite 1220
Durham, NC 27701

Online Donations:

Please click this LINK and follow the instructions below.

Click on the button to select “Choose A Fund”
Type in “In Sam’s Name” in the text field as shown in the picture below
Click “Go” and then select the fund from the drop-down menu

Choose a Fund

Fill in each of the required fields that follow
You may opt to include your name and a dedication when making a donation


Click on “Donate Now” and you will be sent to a secure server to complete the transaction


For questions please contact:

Robin Barefoot
Gift Planning Advisor
Triangle Community Foundation
Phone: (919) 474-8363
Email: robin [at]

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